Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 63,000 words (approximately 180 print pages)
List Price: $4.99

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Different Lives, Kindred Spirits

Working on the European tour with rock sensations Dream Defiled sounds like a dream come true. And for Becca Hall it is – at first. The plus-size beauty dedicates herself to reconnecting to the music business in her blood, and moving away from the pain she left at home.

But when a playful flirtation with the band’s troubled and seductive bass player, Dex, turns into something more, everything is at risk. Her job, her carefully guarded secret, and her heart.

Secret Pleasures, Huge Risks

Hopes and dreams are no shield from the ugly realities of life. Fame and success can create more problems than they solve. And just as the connection between Dex and Becca deepens, the couple has to face their most dangerous enemy – the darkness that threatens to consume Dex from within, and destroy everything they’ve both been working for, professionally and personally.

Rocked: Dex & Becca was also published as a serialized story in three parts as:

Hard Rocked

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Deep Rocked

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Well Rocked

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