Genre: Romantic Suspense
Length: 66,000 words (approximately 200 print pages)
List Price: $4.99

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Carly Chase is building a new life for herself, day by day, when a face-off with an irate man at work brings up memories of a trauma she’s barely recovered from. She’s shaken and in need of something to make her feel better. That something arrives in the form of gorgeous, sexy cop Sam Rollins who appreciates her curves and knows exactly how to distract Carly from her problems – for a while.

But soon Carly finds herself caught in a web of criminal conspiracy. Innocent but panicked, she turns to Sam for help. He can’t resist the pull of the plus-size beauty and seems willing to risk his career to protect her and find the truth. But their risky partnership is under constant threat. Not only by the forces they battle, but by secrets from her past and his present as they are revealed.

In a fast-paced race to survive, Carly has to do something she swore she never would. Trust her safety and happiness to a man she barely knows. Can she overcome the violence and damage in her past to forge a new future with Sam, or will a final intimate betrayal end everything?

One Night of Danger was also published as a serialized story in three parts as:

One Night Stand
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One Night More
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One Last Night
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