Seduced by Danger

Amanda Devlin steps off an airplane dreaming of a bright future together with the only family she has left. But within minutes her life becomes a nightmare. Her sister is missing. A suspicious man seems to be following her, and the police aren’t any help.

Following the only clue she has, Amanda ends up in an exclusive private club where the wealthy pay to play. Her only ally is sexy young billionaire Trey Heller. He’s her guide and her greatest temptation as Amanda dives deeper into a world of sex and danger to save her sister, and herself.

In this strange world of wealth, power, sex and violence, the only thing Amanda knows for sure is that no one is without dark secrets – and danger comes wrapped in the most seductive package.

Genre: New Adult Romantic Suspense
Length: 120,000 words (approximately 485 print pages)
List Price: $9.99

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Seduced by Danger was also published as a serialized story comprised of five novellas.


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