Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 66,000 words (approximately 200 print pages)
List Price: $4.99

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With everything to lose, passion blooms in the dark…

Julia has fought and struggled to get exactly where she wants to be. On a huge nationwide tour, singing her songs, living life on her own terms. After a lifetime of ups and downs, the curvy beauty knows all too well that fame and success are fleeting and nothing is certain.

Work hard, play hard, all night…

But when she discovers that Rick, Dream Defiled’s sexy drummer, drives her crazy in good and bad ways, everything gets a lot more complicated. The heat between them is scorching, but it takes a lot to melt damaged hearts.

When you awake to find all your dreams have come true, nothing looks the same in the light…

As the massive tour begins to wind its way around the country, Julia, Rick, and everyone around them may find that petty disagreements can turn the greatest triumph into disaster. What really matters is who will be there to help you pick up the pieces.

Rocked: Rick & Julia was also published as a serialized story in three parts as:

Rocked in the Dark

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Rocked all Night

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Rocked in the Light

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