Genre: New Adult Romance
Length: 66,000 words (approximately 200 print pages)
List Price: $4.99

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Her big break is their last chance

When notorious gossip blogger Ellie Martin gets a gig with a new online network, she knows the hours will be long and the work challenging. But the biggest surprise of all is the undeniable attraction Ellie feels for the band’s quietest member, the intelligent and mysterious Matthew.

Every ending leads to a new beginning

While the band struggles with external and internal battles, Matthew and Ellie’s budding relationship could save or ruin the lives of everyone around them. As life-changing choices are made, years of work, fun, laughter and tears all comes down to this. One thing is sure. Dream Defiled will never be the same again.

Rocked: Matthew & Ellie was also published as a serialized story in three parts as:

Rocked in Pieces

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Rocked Down & Out

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Rocked Forever

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