When is the next book in [X Series] coming out?

This is by far the most common question I get. The answer is always – soon. For more specific dates, the best place to look is my Facebook page. I post frequent updates there and release dates as soon as they’re final. I release something new every month, so whenever you’re looking, there should be something new for you to read.

Why do you publish your books in serial format?

For a lot of reasons, but two main ones. First, I really like it. I enjoy the way a story flows in serial format. And second, it allows me to do what I mentioned above – put out a new story every month. I’ve got a full-time job that isn’t writing so I can’t do a whole 250 page novel a month. Yet.

Hopefully if you’ve been reading my books you also enjoy the serial format. But I understand some people don’t like it. I try to make it as clear as possible and always let readers know how many parts each story will have. And after a set of stories is complete they are always released in one volume, a novelization of the serial. If you prefer to wait to purchase that, I totally understand.

What are you working on right now?

Probably five different things. I’ve always got stories in many stages of the writing process. From initial thoughts to basic plot to outline, draft, editing, final draft, etc. I’ve got way more ideas than I have time, so there’s always a lot going on. Occasionally I’ll share information about a book I’m thinking about, but generally I only share things that are almost finished.

I love [X THING]. Can you write a story about it?

Maybe, if I happen to come up with an idea. As I mentioned in the previous answer, I have more stories than I’ll ever get to write in my lifetime. So, I generally don’t take requests. One minor exception to this rule is within a serial I’m always open to input and ideas from readers. I might not do what you want, but I will certainly listen and consider it. Most of the time it’s something I’ve considered too, so it’s nice to hear we’re on the same page, so to speak.

Where can I buy your books in ebook, print and audio format?

I publish my books to All Romance, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks and Kobo in ebook format.

Print books (when available) are for sale through Amazon.

Audiobooks is something I’m slowing getting through, but they can be bought from Amazon, Audible and iTunes.