Save Me

sbd05-cover200x300Seduced by Danger #5 – New Adult Romantic Suspense Serial

“…Being brave doesn’t mean never being afraid. It means feeling the crippling fear and getting past it because love is stronger than fear. It’s the most powerful force in the world.”

Stuck in the middle of a mess she can’t escape and confused about who to trust as friends are revealed as enemies and those she fears turn into potential allies, Amanda could use the comfort and support of her big sister and Trey more than ever.

But when the danger becomes deadly and it’s unclear if any of them will survive, Amanda is left to do something she never thought possible – save herself and the people she loves. On her own.

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His hand went around my neck and squeezed hard. “How do you know this? How are you so aware of my activities?”

I didn’t tell him about Trey’s secret room and the surveillance. I’d learned my lesson about blabbing everything I know.

“Let go of me and I’ll tell you.”

He glared at me for a second and released his grip.

“I saw you one night. I was going to the police to tell them about Kat and the club. But I saw you outside and got scared. I thought you were a bad guy, so I didn’t know if I could trust the cops.”

He nodded. “Very smart. There are many dirty cops on Veronica’s pay list. And not just for the sex. Many crimes are committed at the club, and almost none of them get reported.”

I thought of that list of girls I’d found. Missing and dead girls. Many crimes indeed.

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