Make Me

sbd04-cover-200x300Seduced by Danger #4 – New Adult Romantic Suspense Serial

“You were right, earlier. We have saved each other. From our pasts and our loneliness. Now we have to save my sister too.”

When a surprising event turns the struggle to find Kat desperate, Amanda and Trey discover the thing that brought them together could be what tears them apart. With clues that lead down strange and dead-end paths, the only thing Amanda knows for sure is that no one is without dark secrets – especially the man she’s falling in love with.

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Oh god, please help me.

My sister’s words echoed through my brain over and over again, louder and louder. I felt dizzy and confused and horrified.

My fingers gripped my phone so hard they ached. But after a few seconds the screen went dark and I sobbed. She was gone again.

I began to cry openly, chilled to my bones. “Kat,” I whimpered, wishing I could conjure her up.

“Amanda?” Trey’s arm circled my waist and I collapsed backwards into him. “What happened? Was that your sister on the phone?”

I nodded, unable to speak yet.

He cleared his throat a few times. “Is she okay?”

I sobbed again and shook my head.

He took my phone and turned me around to face him. Through my tear-filled eyes, I met his gaze. He was beautiful. Moment ago I’d been basking in a haze of pleasure. Our first time together and it was magical. It seemed so far away now.

“Sh-she sounded so scared. She begged me to help her.”

Trey wrapped his arms around me and held me tight against his bare chest. “It’s going to be okay. I promise. She’s alive. Focus on that. You know she’s alive.”

He sounded so sure, so strong, that I almost believed it. But there, in the quiet safety of his embrace, I cried, more broken than I’d felt since the day my sister had disappeared. Before, when I had no idea where she was I could imagine she was safe, expect to be mad at her for making me worry.

He’s coming. I think he’s going to kill me.

Now I knew she was in grave danger, but I wasn’t a bit closer to finding her. In a brave moment she’d risked everything to contact me and I couldn’t let her down.

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